The pool maintenance services provided by Pristine Pools are systematic and targeted at not only making your pool safe and clean but also enhancing the life of the pool equipment, as water can be a very harsh eroding agent. The first step in the process is to remove any kind of physical debris like leaves from the pool and also clearing any organism or algae growth in the pool shells. The second step is to scrub clean the walls and steps of the pool, and finally we vacuum the bottom of the pool with specialized equipment to remove dirt and debris from the floor of the pool. We also check the filters and make sure that we are functioning properly. We also ensure that the pH level of the pool is according to the safety recommendations.

Our technicians are familiar with all the brands of the pool equipment and guarantee that we can repair any damage. Our experience allows us to effectively diagnose and repair any problem. We ensure that the service is long lasting and the equipment does not malfunction again easily. We repair and fix pumps, upgrade present pumps,  pool motors, chlorine generators, coolers and heaters, feeders or chlorination, the control systems, the heat pumps, filters, spa and pool lights, ozone generators, acid washes, tiles and sanitizing systems.