Pool Cleaning

Here’s what you can expect from your assigned Pool Route Technician every weekly pool cleaning visit:

·       Test and maintain proper sanitizer levels, ensuring water quality that is both safe and pleasant to swim in
·       Test and maintain proper water balance (pH, alkalinity, and others as needed)
·       Skim pool surface
·       Scrub tile
·       Clean / Vacuum pool bottom as needed
·       Brush steps, walls, and/or pool bottom as needed
·       Empty skimmer and pump baskets
·       Empty / Rinse pool cleaner bag
·       Backwash when necessary
·       General supervision of equipment and communication of any problems/issues
·       Maintain service record (a door hanger is left every visit, letting you know when were there to clean your pool)

We also do the following on a periodic basis:

·       Test for and eliminate phosphates, reducing the possibility of algae blooms, as well as reducing chlorine consumption
·       Breakdown and cleaning of filter, improving water circulation and water safety, as well as saving you money by lengthening your filter life
·       Ask about our Premium Package – we’ll apply trusted products to prolong the life of your pool surface and equipment

Our Pool Route Technician works in conjunction with Javier and Eric to keep you in the loop on any issues that come up along the way  - communication with our customer is a key part of our service.

Pool Repair and Installation

Let our knowledge and experience guide you in solving your pool repair and equipment renovation needs. We offer the following services:

·       Motor and pump (ask about our variable speed pump installations)
·       Filter cleaning service
·       Pool and spa light replacement
·       Filtration system replacement (including sand/media replacement)
·       Heater repair; Heat Pumps
·       Chlorine Generators (salt pool)
·       Leak detection and repair
·       Control system diagnosis and repair
·       Pool Covers
·       Pool Safety Fences
·       Pool Rescue – from green to clean
·       Acid Wash
·       Stone Sealant application