Sealing the stone around your pool: waterfalls, coping, rock features, and stone decks—why it is important to have this stone sealed?

You have invested a lot of money in your pool, so why would you let its materials go to waste when it is cheap and easy to preserve? The most popular stone builders use in Texas is flagstone and limestone. It is beautiful looking stone that looks natural, has a good texture, and is relatively cheap. But the water from splash out, the beating hot sun, and the rapidly changing temperatures of Texas take their toll on this stone. In a relatively short period of time your stone will begin to chip and flake if you do not seal it. This type of stone is sedimentary, which means it is made up of thin layers, and when these layers become brittle and begin to deteriorate it results in flaking and deteriorating stone that will dirty your pool and damage your filter. Replacing the stone is very expensive, an average sized pool will be at least 10k.

By sealing the stone you preserve the color and quality of your stone at the time of sealing. The sooner the better, but we've seen our sealant do an amazing job on ‘dying’ stone. We have achieved impressive results with the process of pressure washing and sealing stone, and that is why we are excited to promote this service. We have also seen the tragedy of crumbling stone, and as a service and maintenance company, have had to deal with the headache of cleaning the pools stone out of the pool! Your pool is a valuable asset you have invested in, so if you have stone around your pool, consider getting it sealed as soon as possible.