Preparing for Pool Additions

Whatever you may have in mind for your pool, we’d like to help you get there.  Almost as important as dreamscaping, realistically approaching what needs to get done before you begin adding new pieces to your pool is key!  Here are just a few things you need to set up.


Our custom-made sealant is going to make it so your poolside stays in the condition it currently is.  What does this have to do with a dream pool?  Everything.  By maintaining your poolside, you’re going to be making sure you’re going to see your pool stay in great condition much longer than a non-sealed pool would!  Remember, maintaining a pool is just one step towards making sure your pool is your dream pool.

Perfect Water

Is your pool’s water the highest quality possible?  If not, a pool renovation isn’t the first thing you should have in mind as summer winds down.  You should first make your pool’s water as clean and safe as you can.  Have a professional pool service in Austin come down to put your H2O in tip-top shape.  We know you’ll be glad you did.

Add Ons

So now that you have perfect pool water and sealant for your poolside stone, you can start to implement your dream pool functions.  What would you like added on?  The sky’s the limit!  The way you choose to shape your pool is key.  Every decision you make affects your next decision.

Will you be adding a spa that conveniently sits on the side of your pool?  Or will you be going for a fashionable diving rock?  Whatever you have in mind, you can always blueprint it out and have an Austin pool pro give you much-needed pointers.  There can always be unexpected technical limitations so it’s best to consult a professional.  You want to make sure your dream meets realistic mechanical requirements and that the two can find a happy medium.  Success can come from taking your fantasies to the next level.

Until Next Time

Thanks for checking out our blog today.  If you need anything for your Austin pool, let us know!  Pristine Pools is a one-of-a-kind pool service that will have your favorite aquatic hangout looking and functioning perfectly in no time.

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The Importance of Pool Cleaning


Cleaning your pool is a must to ensure your comfort, protect your equipment, and keep it clean and safe for everyone to enjoy. Keeping the pool well maintained and with proper pool cleaning, could prolong its life, prevent bacteria growth and hold off needed repairs. It is important to clean and brush the pool on a regular basis to upkeep your pool looking great and relaxing. Spend at least five to ten minutes pool cleaning and brushing every few days to keep your pool sparkling or look for reliable pool experts to do the work for you.

Weekly maintenance

  • Net any debris off the surface of the pool water
  • Brush the entire surface of the pool, including tiled areas
  • Manually brush any dirt and debris that has not been already removed by the cleaning system
  • Clean out the skimmer and pump baskets
  • Check filter pressure to determine if backwashing or cartridge cleaning is necessary
  • Test the levels of chlorine, pH and alkalinity

How to clean

Use a manual brush and pool vacuum on all areas of the walls and floor at least once a week, even if your pool is equipped with an automatic system. There are some places in every pool that the automatic cleaning systems miss. Pay particular attention to stairs, corners and other hard-to-reach areas that get little circulation.

Why is brushing important?

Brushing is an important part of the initial new pool cleaning process but, even after your pool is clean, it is important to occasionally brush your pool to remove the dirt that will adhere to the wall and floor. Start at the top of the walls on the tile line and work your way down to the bottom of your pool. Avoid scraping the bottom of your pool with the plastic edges of the brush, which may cause marking of the plaster. Using steady, firm strokes, always brush the dirt toward the recirculating drain, overlapping your brush strokes.

The easiest way to maintain your pool is to hire a reliable pool maintenance professional to do most of the maintaining for you. The professionals at Pristine Pools are experts in pool maintenance, pool cleaning, and pool repair service. We are located in Austin, Texas. Contact us for a free quote at 512-773-0668.

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