Get Your Pool Ready For This Summer!


April is already here which means it’s time for you to start thinking about getting that beautiful pool of yours ready for the summer! You’re likely already planning fun activities for you and your family to do but we want to share a few tips with you first.


Before jumping into what to do to the pool itself, we’re going to cover what you should do directly around your pool. Is there a first-aid kit nearby? How’s the general setup regarding safety? Are there any obstacles that may be risky to have out with a bunch of running toddlers?

A good rule of thumb is to imagine your entire family outside enjoying themselves and see what could potentially pose a safety hazard.

Start It Up

Turn on all your pool maintenance equipment and see if everything sounds fine or if there are any leaks. You’ll want to report any leaky cracks from the pump to a local professional pool service in Austin as soon as you spot them.  Leaks can lead to water getting all over your swimming pool motor so keep an eye on it.  Saving a motor will end up saving you money!

Testing The Water

Your water has been sitting there all through the Winter and now it’s already April! Because it’s been some time since you’ve used it, consider having a pro pool service come out to test your water’s levels.

While we’re on the topic of the water itself, let’s talk about evaporation.  Even though it was really cold this past Winter, evaporation still occurred in your pool. Replenish water that has left your pool.  It may be tricky to even notice, but you could be missing a little bit of h20. Top it off!

Examine The Deck

Are you one of those lucky pool owners that has a lovely vintage pool that you manage to keep up and running every year? If so, you may want to consider keeping the pool itself but replacing the deck. Cracks and tearing can be appealing for that “aged” look but that doesn’t mean you should just sit back and enjoy the aesthetics. Remember, damage outside of the pool can lead to damage to the pool itself!

Bottom line: a deck needs replacing after a certain amount of years and that really depends on a number of factors including the amount of wear and tear done to it. Take that into account when considering what you need to be doing in preparation of all those pool parties you’ll be hosting this summer.

Check out this helpful site that inspired some of our tips and do some research on your own for more advice before hopping in the pool.

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