How To Keep Wildlife Out Of Your Pools


There’s almost nothing worse than heading to your pool while thinking about how nice the water will feel when it surrounds your body to soothe and cool you off only to find something unexpected in the water - a little critter. Pool owners know this unfortunate situation all too well.

A frog or snake might be in your pool and they are likely no longer alive. This is not only an icky situation but we’re also sure you don’t want your lovely pool to be a death trap for nature’s animals.  If you’re like most people, you’d prefer that those reptiles and other small creatures stay elsewhere. But the truth is that your pool likely encompasses a large portion of your backyard and also appears as a proper drinking ground for some animals.

Pool Cover

This one is a no brainer.  By having a pool cover you are obviously protecting your pool from falling leaves and dirt.  But there is another advantage of your pool cover - you’re now keeping animals of your property out of your pool when your pool is not in use.  Doesn’t it always seem like the animals plop into your pool when you’re not looking?  Well then cover your pool when you’re not looking!  But what if this isn’t an option for you?  Check out a few more of our tips below.


Have A Getaway

There are a few options online for purchasing a small little island-like floatie that will save the lives of many animals roaming your backyard.   These can be much more affordable than a pool cover.  They basically work by taking advantage of the fact that many animals that fall into your pool will frantically head towards the walls of your pool trying to grasp onto an object they can climb onto.  By buying one of these devices (a popular brand is The Frog Log) you are going to have far less scenarios where you head to your Texas pool and see a dead animal floating in there.


Net Them Out

If it’s not too late to save them from dying, quickly but safely use your telescoping pool cleaning pole to save the little animals and gently toss them to safer ground and away from your pool.

Always be cautious of the type of animal you’re about to save.  Make sure whatever it may be doesn’t come towards you and if you have a real safety concern go off inside of you then get some professionals to help you out!  You may be scared for a reason - especially if it’s an unidentified type of snake.  But remember, this is a situation when you have to act fast!

If you aren’t able to save the animal in time then be sure to take them out of your pool asap.  They may be contaminating your pool.


The Power Is Yours!

We hope you’ve found our blog to be enlightening.  Perhaps you are now prepared to begin to take the steps on keeping your pool animal-free for your sake and also their sake!

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