The Best Pool Party Advice Pt. 2: Holiday Edition


With Memorial Day already passing us by, it really got us thinking... how do you throw the ultimate Holiday pool party here in Austin (or anywhere?)

We gave you advice on throwing the best pool party before. That blog including tips on how to keep your Pristine Pool safe and easily navigable during a fun gathering.  Now we’re getting really specific on fun things you can add to your pool party for one special day of the year.

Make It Memorable

You need to let your guests know that this is a one-of-a-kind pool party!  Since we just missed planning for a Memorial day pool party to honor those that have served in the United States Armed Forces, let’s focus on another holiday pool party you might throw down the line on, perhaps, the 4th of July.


Two simple things are needed besides the usual assortment of chairs, towels, snack, drink and pool toys/games. These two things are thematic decoration and thematic cake.  The thematic decoration is simple - go out and pick up some fun trinkets including paper table sheets, cups and so much more that have your particular holiday in mind.  After that, you need to make a Holiday cake for all your swimming buddies.

Red, White and Blue (Cake)

You know how people say you shouldn't eat and then swim? Tell them they need to leave you alone and to stop threatening your freedom to enjoy cake!  You better bake an amazing red, white and blue cake for the next pool party you have!  Your guests will thank you with silent muchning.  Bake the cake the day before and put that yumminess in the fridge.  When your awesome pool party is kicking into high-gear, pull that cake out and plop it on a table.  Some forks, a knife and seasonal paper plates will let your guests know what they need to do.

If you have too many shy guests over and they aren't going for the cake then go ahead and start cutting and placing slices on plates. That’ll let them know the time is now.

What is the perfect cake for an upcoming holiday that is pool party friendly?  This and also this.

Wrapping Up

Do you know what you need to do to get your Austin Swimming Pool ready for your next set of visitors?  Do you need an awesome pool professional to swing by and help you out with repair or maintenance?  Let us know!  You can reach us by phone at 512.773.0668.