The Best Pool Party Advice


Are you ready to host an epic party at your swimming pool?  The Austin pool pros here at Pristine Pools are ready to give you some tips to make sure your party is unforgettable.

Control The Crowd

You need to organize your pool area in a way that will guide your guests towards certain areas.  Naturally, as the person responsible for the property, you’ll have places you want your guests to go and others you want to keep guests away from.

Set up casual appearing “roadblocks.”  If there is an area of your backyard that you don’t want people to walk into, then setting up some decorations or pottery to block it off will have people taking the hint whether they know it or not!  Get creative.

Keep It Safe

As much fun as pool parties are, you want to make sure your party is safe.  Have a first aid kit nearby and eliminate objects that people could potentially trip on or fall onto.  Let guests know, upon arrival, that you are the contact person if they need anything at all.

Plenty of Towels

Encourage your guests to bring their own towels but, let’s face it, chances are at least a few of them will forget. It’s not entirely uncommon for lots of your party guests to forget their towel. Make a big, organized pile of them and put them outside on a table. Bonus points - put the towels near the house so guests that run in and out to the bathroom can dry off on their way to the inside of your house.  It’s genius!

The Right Pool Toys

You may have read our pool noodle overview from last week’s blog.  If you have read that blog you are probably already considering grabbing a few of them for your party.

Other great pool toys include floaties.  But besides the obvious ones, consider pool toys that double as fun pool-games your guests can play.  These include waterproof sports-balls and pool basketball nets!  Just have these toys and games set up in the pool when your guests arrive and you’ll be pleased to see that the party guests will gravitate towards these on their own.

Stay Hydrated

Be sure there is plenty of water for your guests to drink!  Swimming takes a lot of energy out of people so staying hydrated is important.

Wrapping Up

If you need pool service of any kind, be sure to get in touch with Pristine Pools!  We’re the Austin Pool Pros that can help you out with anything relating to your pool.  Call us at 512.773.0668.

Just remember: make it a memorable party.