The Importance Of Stone Sealant For Your Pool


Pristine Pools is a company that is proud to offer top notch stone sealant for your pool!

There are many reasons you would want to have stone as your go-to pool surrounding material. The main reasons being the excellent look and the quality.  The state of Texas can offer the options of that lovely, occasionally grainy, and almost crystallized appearing limestone to the simply attractive flagstone.  If you have a pool in Austin that has stone around it, it’s likely one of the two!

The Price Is Right!

Let’s get this out of the way right now - It’s very affordable and very easy for a professional pool service to seal your stone around your pool. No kidding!

We mentioned on the Pristine Pools site in the stone sealant section that stone isn’t quite granite. You aren’t going to be able to harmlessly have water splash it over and over if the stone has not been sealed.  There could be some fairly serious depreciation and physical corruption in your stone.  Let’s look at some of the ways water can, over time, harm the stone around your pool.


Peeling Off

Your stone could begin to peel off from its core. This messes up your pool itself and ruins the entire look of your pool area!

At Pristine Pools, there is a custom made pool sealant that preserves the look of your stone to however it looks when it is sealed.  Stone sealant is a low-cost and smart investment for your pool.  Because of this, it is recommended to seal your stone as soon as you can.  Whichever pool professional you end up going with, make sure they can tell you exactly what’s in the sealant they’re using and why it can help the stones around your pool stay young.


Stones By Your Pool (Not In it!)

From the Pristine Pools website, “ [I’ve] seen the tragedy of crumbling stone and as a service and maintenance company have had to deal with the headache of cleaning the pools stone out of the pool!”

You read that correctly.  In a worst case (but possible) scenario, there is a chance that the stone around your pool could end up crumbling into your water. That might wreak all kinds of havoc on your pool system.  Always be sure you’re confidently enjoying your pool life and the only stone at your pool is around it.


Get In Touch

Are you located in or near Austin and ready for your pool’s stone to be sealed?  If so, drop us a line.  You can reach us by phone at 512.773.0668.  We’ll be glad to schedule a time for us to come out to treat your pool.